St. Peter’s Human rights Project

Alina and Yago
Class 5

On the 3rd and 4th April class 5 students went to St. Peter’s School to learn about human rights. They participated in a Project called Human Rights Project. Every day they took part in 3 different workshops: about debating, exploring the past, how they can make a difference, etc. There were 6 workshops in total. The three schools which participated in the project were St. Peter’s School, Princess Margaret School and Escola Peter Pan.
The school was very big and different from theirs. During the whole project, all the participants had to use the English language when communicating. They enjoyed the visit a lot. It was a great experience!

Some of the human rights they learned were the following:

All human beings have the right to:
Education Live
Shelter Food and water
Decide religion Freedom of speech
Equality Privacy
Freedom Fair trial
Justice Health Care
Dignity Have a job


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