Paquito the dragon, Illuminating Invention Challenge Winner!

We are so excited to announce that Paquito the dragon has been selected as one of the three Illuminating Invention Challenge winners. In a world contest held by littlebits, with more than 220 entries, Paquito shone in the competition according to the judges:

“Love the video, very funny. I won’t forget Paquito the dragon. I cannot wait to have this pet at home.”

“This video is hilarious! The robot has a lot of features which is impressive, and the video really does a great job of showing off your invention.”

“This robot is awesome! Your video was amazing, it highlighted all of Paquito’s traits.  Next time I need something I’ll remember to call Paquito the Dragon.”

Class 5 and class 6 robotics club members spent over ten hours to make its first STEAM project using littlebits come true. The beast needed up to 32 bits and accessories to move the wings, illuminate the mouth and turn the four wheels. Unfortunately, it is a very unique species and the creators do not expect Paquito to become the next top selling pet.

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